Graphene Admixture for Ready-mix concrete

Additive for Concrete Construction

A single product that replaces several admixtures.

Nanospan’s Spanocrete is an ideal choice for an admixture for a wide variety of construction projects that involve RMC, pre-cast, SCC. Easy to use. Makes durable concrete simple and cost effective to make. This single additive brings full strength in concrete within 7 days, ~50% in one day, increased compression (~130%) and flexural strength, water proofing, resistance to thermal and shrinkage cracks, and protection against corrosion. We prioritize sustainable energy with our Spanocrete we reduce 20-30% of carbon footprint.  We bring durability, resilience from extreme weather conditions and climate change impact to the construction. It adds several properties to the OPC concrete:


Higher compressive strength, High shrinkage cracks resistant, Low thermal gradient, Low water permeability.


100% strength in 7 days, Smooth finish, Reduces secondary reinforcement, High mechanical strength.


GreenPro certified, Lower carbon footprint, 10% less cement, 30% less water, Dense concrete, Smooth finish, Single product.

our usecases

Spanocrete 6722 Applications

A new estate with carpark at the center- Singapore

High rise buildings

Spanocrete enhances the strength and durability of high-rise building structures, offering superior mechanical properties and corrosion resistance.

Glen Canyon Dam with Lake Powell in Arizona, USA


Spanocrete reinforces dam structures, providing exceptional strength, reduced water permeability, and enhanced resistance to environmental factors, ensuring long-term durability and stability.

Extr Temp concrete

Extreme temperature construction

Spanocrete enables construction in extreme temperatures with its high thermal conductivity, strength, and enhancing the overall performance of structures in challenging environmental conditions.

Waikiki Beach and Skyline Looking West

Coastal Construction

Spanocrete imparts superior corrosive and saltwater resistance, increased durability, ensuring the longevity and resilience of structures in marine environments.

Empty warehouse. 3d illustration

Flooring/ Warehouses

Spanocrete increases strength, durability with resistance to corrosion, offering superior protection against high shrinkage and cracks even after carrying heavy loads.



Spanocrete improves compressive strength, fire resistance, and reducing permeability, ensuring the durability and safety of tunnel structures in challenging underground environments.

View from below to a concrete overpass

Road / Bridges

Spanocrete provides high compressive strength, flexibility, resulting in more durable and resilient infrastructure capable of withstanding heavy traffic loads and environmental stresses.