Nanospan Inc

About Us​

Nanospan has been a graphene pioneer since 2016. We have been paving the way for innovative nanomaterial based solutions for pressing challenges in energy storage and smarthome domains.

Our Expertise​

Consistent, Eco friendly and reliable bulk production of graphene targeted for use in Nanocomposites for Energy storage and Smart home products

State of the art graphene & nanosilicon based Anode and flexible electrodes for Li-ion batteries and Supercapacitors. They are intended for use in EV, IoT devices and Power Grid areas.


Our nanomaterial technologies make Energy storage,  Future homes and constructions to be safer, durable, lighter, stronger, sustainable & greener.

What we do?

Nanospan has mastered a consistent & reliable bulk production of FLG graphene and Graphene Nanoplatelets that’s targeted for use in the above applications

Nanospan’s technical expertise has been with infusing graphene and other nano-additives into standard base-materials to form nanocomposites that offer several orders of magnitude in performance properties (eg. energy storage, conductivity, sensing, hydrophobic, bio compatibility)  and strength improvements over the reference materials.

How we do?

Meet the TEAM

Nanospan Innovators

Ravi Naguru

Founder and CEO

Dr. Ramana Gedela, PhD

Co-Founder & CTO

sridhar k

Dr. Sridhar Kasichainula, PhD

Chief Technology Advisor

Prakash Bashyakarla

India Head.
Manufacturing Veteran

Praveen 2

Dr.Praveen, PhD



Dr. Ashok, Phd

Sr Scientist

Sai Eedulakanti

Sr Engineer