"Innovate with Graphene: Advancing Concrete and Battery Technologies"
Reinventing Concrete with Graphene
Revolutionize construction with Graphene Concrete Admixture – where Durability meets sustainability. Build structures that stand the test of time, effortlessly blending durability and eco-friendliness. Unleash the power of graphene. Elevate your concrete game and embrace the future of construction.
Graphene Infused: Precast
Graphene-based admixtures revolutionize precast construction by enhancing the strength (provides 50% in 1 day and 100% strength in 7 days). With graphene's exceptional mechanical properties, precast elements become lighter and stronger. Additionally, graphene's conductive and sensing properties enable the manufacture of functional precast panels. These panels offer heat dissipation, sensors, and EMI shielding within the concrete.
AAC Blocks
Nanospan's SpanOil™ graphene admixture is the most unique innovation in the world, already taking the AAC (Autoclaved Aerated Concrete) block manufacturing industry by storm. It reduces the cement usage, water usage, enhances the strength, durability, stops edge breakages and reduces water permeability of the blocks.
Energy Storage
Graphene in supercapacitors and Li-ion batteries improve their efficiency, stability, power densities, charging time, and cycle/discharge rates. Our unique patented technology brings a new dimension of ease of manufacturing to the high performing nano dry electrodes. This hybrid BESS helps in output power stabilization, peak-shifting, grid voltage, and frequency regulations.
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Nanospan’s graphene construction admixtures make concrete Smart, Durable and Sustainable. They are ideal for a variety of construction projects from Smart city infrastructure to Irrigation projects to data centers.  Be it Commercial concrete, Precast panels, AAC blocks or fly ash blocks.

Energy Storage

Electrodes are at the heart of Li-ion Batteries & supercapacitors. They play a critical role in bringing the desired energy & power densities, cyclic stabilities, boosting safety, range, durability & sustainability of EVs charging speeds and thermal stability. Nanospan’s Anodes bring 3x times more energy densities (proportional increase in EV range) in Lithium ion batteries. 

What we offer in


Enter the era of smart construction with graphene, reshaping structures for enhanced strength, durability, sustainability, and unprecedented functionality. Nanospan’s graphene admixtures bring inbuilt foundational resilience into the concrete structures so the structures can be protected from climate events such as floods, extreme temperatures and from corrosion, cracks.  Our graphene admixtures do so with a single product as opposed to the traditional way of using several admixtures and secondary reinforcement materials. They also provide very high early strength to speed up the execution of projects.  They can make concrete smart by bringing inbuilt sensor, heating, de-icing, EMI shielding capabilities into the concrete.

Concrete Admixture
Precast Admixture
AAC Blocks Admixture

Case Studies

Imagine a concrete structure that defies time and weather, a synergy of power of graphene and concrete versatility. Our graphene admixtures seamlessly integrate into any construction project, enhancing their structural integrity and longevity. Say goodbye to cracks and hello to a future where buildings and structures stand the test of time. Join us in paving the way for sustainable, Strong & Durable construction. With our graphene-infused magic, your structures won’t just be built; they’ll be fortified for a long life. Welcome to the evolution of concrete.


Why Choose Us


We envision a construction and battery industry that prioritizes longevity and environmental responsibility. Nanospan's graphene products will be the catalyst for this monumental shift.


Nanospan is a graphene pioneer with their own IP and manufacturing facility for high surface area, reliable, cost effective, environment friendly and bulk manufacturing of the graphene (the nano material) required for its nanocomposites. The graphene composites themselves are optimized for the applications for the best performance and usability. The larger surface area of our graphene, due to its 2D structure, and high conductivity allows for multifold performance improvement in base materials, be it cement/concrete, battery materials or polymers. Nanospan is committed to bringing the dream of graphene to everyday life. With top material engineering talent, R&D labs, 16 patents and counting, Nanospan is the go-to partner for your application needs.

Deployment successes

Nanospan's patented graphene composites for Construction, Li-ion battery anodes, supercapacitors, conductive textiles/inks/paints, Ballistic vests have been successfully validated by leading players in those industries. Nanospan's graphene admixtures for concrete are the most deployed graphene products in the global construction sector, proving their promise of durability and sustainability. By May 2024, these admixtures have been commercially deployed and validated in over 30,000 cubic meters of concrete and more than 3 million AAC/concrete blocks. They were used in all types of concrete grades and project types, including:M20 to M150, UHPC, recycled concrete, AAC, and precast; Commercial ready-mix, precast concrete, AAC blocks, fly ash/concrete bricks; Large Infrastructure projects, Irrigation/Coastal/Extreme temperature concreting, Concrete Roads, Decorative paver blocks. -Try them once for your construction project, and you will love it!

Our nanomaterial technologies make concrete, precast, AAC block construction and energy storage safer, more durable, lighter, stronger, and more sustainable.

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