Nanospan's advanced patent pending graphene & Nano Silica based electrode materials bring cutting edge innovation to energy storage devices. Our technologies realize multifold performance improvements in Supercapacitors & Lithium Ion batteries, in the areas of energy densities, power densities, charging time, cyclic stability with safety.


Lithium Ion Batteries

Safe+ Battery Enclosures


Nanospan's functionalized graphene based flexible electrodes (©Nanotrode) bring high power density, energy density, safety to supercapacitors. The supercapacitors also are solid state, instant charging, lightweight, safe/non-flammable, low cost. They can help improve overall range of the EV vehicle substantially. They will not only provide high power density needed for specific use cases but they will also serve as standby energy source for the existing battery system because of their moderate energy density.

Lithium Ion Batteries

Nanospan's innovative anode (Si-nanotrode®) design combined with NMC/NCA cathode chemistry forms a most potent, powerful and new generation of rechargeable Li-ion battery which will address very high energy density needs of Electric vehicles! Our batteries show high Coulombic efficiency (~99.9%) and our tunable anode design improves the specific capacity (>2000 mAh/g at C/10), prolongs life cycle (>1000 cycles with 80% capacity retention).

SAFE+ Battery Enclosures

Nanospan's SAFE+ Battery enclosure material technology is meant for protecting the Battery packs and its host environment from severe external/internal structural and thermal issues. It is a robust enclosure providing structural stability, flame retardant, thermal heat sink, and protecting from internal stresses (internal blast). Our enclosure also provides an optional ballistic grade protection against NIJ level IIIA.

Blast proof (class II) enclosure improving the safety and high crash-worthiness of battery packs

Flame resistance (class I) to protect the battery packs from fire accidents

Our Ballistic protection against NIJ- IIIA level (Optional)

Our proprietary graphene based Phase Changing Composite PCC (thermal management material) to absorb and distribute heat within the battery pack, improving performance and safety

Pioneer in Graphene Energy Storage Applications