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Nanospan's Spanocrete is an ideal choice for an admixture for a wide variety of construction projects that involve RMC, pre-cast, SCC. They bring durability, resilience from extreme weather conditions and climate change impact to the construction. It adds several properties to the OPC concrete:

Low water permeability (<40%), water repellency will mean an ideal choice for withstanding flooding conditions, water related damages.

High compressive strength will mean stronger, yet lighter structures. Cement savings are more than 10%

High slump for 3 hrs or more will mean its suitability for transport of RMC between sites.

Low setup time (<50%) will mean less curing time (for cold/extreme climates) and huge savings in water.


Nanospan’s energy storage solutions are geared towards providing high performance energy storage solutions for EVs, flexible electronics and wearables and power grids.

Nanospan is on a mission to disrupt the status quo with their nano dry electrodes: graphene Nanotrode for supercapacitors and graphene/nanosilicon Anode“Si-Nanotrode” for Li-ion Batteries.

Electric Vehicles​

EVs are fast becoming mainstream automobiles globally for 2/3/4 wheelers, Bus & Tram transport but the cost of energy storage cells and the safety management makes them a hindrance to mass adoption. As the EVs chase mass markets it is inevitable that their battery Wh/kg, $/KWh, Cyclic Stability, Charging time, thermal stability, weight needs to improve multifold. That in turn means bringing down the manufacturing cost with process simplification, and leveraging the power of new material technologies.

Power Grid

Frequency Control

In the electric power grid, production and consumption must be matched instantaneously and continuously otherwise results in frequency deviations. Typically these disturbances are for a few seconds (2-30 sec) but affect both the quality and reliability of distribution systems and at consumers end, failure of sensitive instruments and results in great losses. Due to Power system synchronous inertia, the generation or load response time is insufficient to rectify this deviation. Hence, there is a need for a fast responding “backup” power to mitigate these fluctuations. Nanospan’s Nanotrode based supercapacitor bank in conjunction with the power electronics, shall act like a power storage to stabilize the frequency deviation within a few milliseconds by rapidly discharging or charging power.

Renewable Energy Micro grid ​

Given the thrust on reducing greenhouse emission and heed to the global demand-supply mismatch, more and more renewable energy sources for e.g., solar and wind power generation are added to the grid. This introduces instability due to the intermittent nature of RE. Utilities increase the peak power reserve to handle increased intermittency. This leads to increased cost (additional infrastructure need for the reserve). Battery Energy Storage system (BESS) employed alone to address some of these issues is not sufficient as BESS has its own disadvantages for e.g, low power density and cycle life. A hybrid solution having Nanospan’s Nanotrode based supercapacitor banks and Si-Nanotrode based LIB can provide the needed energy and power densities. This hybrid BESS helps in output power stabilization, peak-shifting, grid voltage and frequency regulations. The complementary characteristics of supercapacitors and batteries will also help to reduce BESS sizing, investment cost and optimize the efficiency and increased operational flexibility of the overall energy storage system.

Flexible and wearable electronics

Wearable Micro & Nano sensors are taking shape to help with sensing and communicating information. Efficiency of the sensor, light and flexible energy storage, long battery life and comfort to the user are key factors to be considered. These wearables are used as continuous health monitoring systems for early diagnosis & cure, to aid people who work in risky environments like firefighters and for health monitoring and training in sports. Current wearable health monitoring devices are powered by batteries which are bulky. This makes it uncomfortable to keep it on for a long time. Nanospan offers two energy sources depending on the energy and power required for the specific application. If you need an energy source which is light, charges fast and has a very good cyclic life then go with our flexible Nanotrode based supercapacitors. If the application needs an energy source with high energy density so it can last for long and still be lightweight then choose our Si-Nanotrode based Li-ion battery.