Nanospan's cutting edge Graphene Polymer Composites for protection are

Graphene Resin / Fiber-glass composites
Graphene UHMW composites
Graphene concrete composites

These have been field tested and verified for their multifold performance in mechanical properties like Flexural strength, Tensile strength impact resistance, Inter laminar shear strength (ILSS) by 20%-30%, without any RF transparency loss.

Nanospan's patent pending graphene polymer materials are used in demanding applications such as bullet proof helmets, ballistic vests, protective gear, armoured vehicles, protection barriers, boots etc

Proctection Material

Nanospan's ballistic protection coated fabric are ideal for:

  • Stab resistant clothing
  • Soft armour ballistics
  • Cut resistant aprons
  • Off road tyres
  • Racing car fuel tanks
  • Armoured vehicles
  • Cargo containers
  • Blast protection blankets

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