Bullet proof vests

Nanospan bullet proof vest consists of multiple hybrid arrangement layers, which allows the armor system to defeat the projectile upon impact by blunting and eroding the projectile due to its high hardness. STF backing plate absorbs the residual kinetic energy of the fractured or deformed projectile through plastic deformation.

Micro Supercapacitors

Micro Supercapacitors combine the high capacitance possibility from capacitors and the high energy density of batteries. Nanospan graphene enhances the performance of micro supercapacitors and makes them flexible which can be used in Wearable electronic devices, On-chip energy storage, Medical implants, Active RFID Tags, Solar or other harvested power.

Conductive materials

Inks, fabrics, fibers for wearables and flexible electronics. Nanospan’s conductive materials like Ink, Fabrics, Threads are ideal choice of components for building flexible electronics, Wearables, RFID, printed antennas, Smart packaging, including printing interconnects and functional inks.

Pioneer in Graphene Application Development.