Nanospan's core expertise is to infuse graphene and other nano-additives into standard base-materials to form composites that offer several orders of magnitude in performance, properties and strength improvements compared to reference materials.

As an example, our graphene doping brings superior mechanical, electrical and thermal properties as a reinforcing filler for the polymer matrix.

Graphene Bullet Proof Polymer Composites

Nanospan's graphene ballistic composite materials provide lighter weight yet superior performance for ballistic protection applications when compared with Kevlar or Dyneema based solutions. They are also well tested, hydrophobic, patent pending and can be crafted in the desired form factors as specified by the Applications.

Graphene composite coated Kevlar Fabric

Nanospan graphene composite coating enhances the woven aramid or Kevlar fabric's tensile strength by >130% & tear strength by 40%. This can help in substantial weight reduction in applications such as bullet proof vests which rely on multi layering of Kevlar.

Key features of our coated fabric:

Soft Armor material

Our graphene polymer composite is certified for NIJ Level 3. It is Ideal as Soft Armor Plate (SAP) in NIJ Level 3 and 3+ Ballistic armor vests. Typical applications include bullet proof helmets/boots, protective gear, armoured vehicles, protection barriers.

Ballistic/Blast/Fire Proof Material

Nanospan's portfolio of materials offering Ballistic/Blast/Fire/Radiation proof properties can be a choice of many a protective enclosure in Industrial and Defense use cases.

Radome material

Nanospan's patent pending Graphene/UHMWPE nanocomposite material innovation addresses several modern day requirements for Radome protective structures and enclosures. As we have validated with field testing, we anticipate this material to become the new go-to standard for the industry.

Key features of our material:

  • Blast proof, RF transparent
  • High tensile strength and low density while remaining very lightweight
  • Exceptional water-shedding performance, critical in wet environments
  • Superior RF transparency over a wide range of frequencies
  • Better price/performance and reduced ownership cost

Hydrophobic & Radiation Shielding Concrete Material

Nanospan's unique innovations in the construction material of concrete:

  • High strength, hydrophobic concrete composite that is 80-120% stronger than traditional concrete
  • Radiation shielding concrete composite that can stop highly penetrating hazardous gamma/x-rays.

Pioneer in Graphene Energy Storage Applications