Nanospan's Graphene/Conductive polymer composite based Micro Supercapacitors (MSCs) are flexible and compact which can be used as power sources or energy storage units in microelectronic devices.

Nanospan’s patented* supercapacitor fabrication method enable the on-chip integration of microelectronic devices like Wearable electronics, Implantable medical devices, and Active radio frequency identification (RFID) systems and provides an opportunity for the development of a variety of micro/nano-sized energy devices.

*Patent applied

Nanospan’s conductive, energy storing flexible supercapacitor wires could be woven into garments and accessories, enabling the electronic devices to be charged with their clothes, backpacks and handbags. Replacing the conventional energy storage devices with Nanospan’s flexible micro supercapacitors, nano wires allows for lighter, thinner, flexible designs of wearable electronics and creates exciting opportunities for technological innovation in on-chip energy applications.

Pioneer in Graphene Application Development.