Nanospan’s lightweight, high strength, high thermal and electrical conductivity graphene makes it an ideal reinforcement material for composites for Defense applications, Lighter & stronger armours, smart textiles, wearable devices, smart ballistic helmets, advance camouflage systems.

Nanospan’s high strength and lightweight nano materials constitutes the major portion of smart nanocomposite energy-absorbing armour for personal protection. The high performance, lightweight armour vest incorporates graphene related formulized nanocomposite materials and hardened shear thickening fluid coated fabrics in a hybrid layer arrangement.

Nanospan composite’s non-newtonian fluid viscosity will increase instantaneously when subjected to impact or any sudden force, making it a strong absorber of the high velocity projectile.

Military apparel has been an important part of a combat soldier’s performance and has played a significant role in their protection. Nanospan’s highly conductive fabrics, threads, inks are the core components that can make the apparel or helmets smart with flexible & blended electronic circuits. Such smart apparel are pressure sensing, thermally conductive, water repellent, flexible, buoyant, they can integrate different health sensors to monitor vitals, maintain optimal temperature in severe battle field conditions.

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