Conductive Ink

Nanospan's conductive Inks are ideal for fabricating flexible electronics, wearables, RFID, printed antennas, smart packaging, including printing interconnects and functional inks.

Conductive Materials

Conductive Fabrics

Nanospan's graphene conductive cloth are energy efficient and enable new generation of smart fabric wearable applications because of their versatile features
Nanospan's Conductive fabrics have low sheet resistance of ~70-80 ohm/sq, can retain conductivity with upto 100 wash cycles and are functional in a wide temperature range of -20 to 60 degree C. They are used as electrodes, pressure sensing cloths, connecting components in smart fabric applications such as thermal and body vitals managing vests. They are also EMI shielding, very energy efficient and are successfully tested for biopotential and stretch ability.

Conductive Materials Conductive Materials
Conductive Materials

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