"Billions impacted with One Billionth material"

Nanospan is a graphene & nano composites R&D pioneer, developing cutting edge materials for EV energy storage, ballistic/blast/fire/radiation protection nanocomposites and advanced components for smart-fabrics/wearables. Nanospan is one of the few companies in the world to successfully develop and test their graphene composites in the above mentioned commercially ready real world applications.

Nanospan's technical expertise has been with infusing graphene and other nano-additives into standard base-materials to form nanocomposites that offer several orders of magnitude in performance properties (eg. energy storage, conductivity, sensing, hydrophobic, bio compatibility) and strength improvements over the reference materials.

We have mastered a consistent & reliable bulk production of graphene that's targeted for use in the advanced materials for our graphene based materials.

  • Batteries, Supercapacitors for Electric vehicles
  • Conductive materials for wearables, protective & smart fabrics
  • Ballistic & Blast proof armor materials for battery-cases, armor vests and radomes

Nanospan has partnered with major Graphene & Graphene-composite manufacturers, Major research institutes in India, UK, USA.

Nanospan's Vision

Bring the promise of graphene and related materials, and achieve multifold improvements into the end user products

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Pioneer in Graphene Energy Storage Applications